B3Partners introduces Tailormap GIS viewer for international market

B3Partners, expert in geographic information systems, launches Tailormap; a new GIS viewer that is connected to numerous (inter) national, public databases with up-to-date information about public space. Thanks to a user-friendly content management system, Tailormap users determine which data and which functionalities they want to show to their customers and / or employees. They also determine the style of the map in the GIS viewer.

Chris van Lith, general manager of B3Partners: “Tailormap is based on our years of experience with Flamingo GeoCMS, a GIS viewer for the government in the Netherlands. Provinces, municipalities and water boards use of it for the communication of location-based information. The viewer is based on Open Source software which makes the application available to everyone. Flamingo, however, had one disadvantage: it uses the Dutch language and only the Dutch map projection. With Tailormap we now make the software available to the international market! ”

B3Partners build Tailormap using the experience with Flamingo. Chris van Lith: “The viewer got its own name and appearance and the user experience comes first. Tailormap works with international map projections. The viewer is currently available in English and Dutch, but we will quickly add other languages.”

B3Partners will continue to make general Flamingo releases in the future. Chris van Lith: “Existing Flamingo users can still download new releases and use them themselves. They make their own arrangements about the need for support and maintenance that they have. Customers with a support and maintenance contract will eventually switch to Tailormap. For new customers we offer a choice of three versions (On-premise, SaaS and Enterprise), each with a corresponding service and maintenance contract. As B3Partners we are very proud that the Netherlands with Tailormap can make an innovative contribution to the international GIS world. In our opinion, Tailormap scores better than ArcGIS Online or GeoNode. ”

More information: www.tailormap.com.